Well, we’ve had quite the winter so far with plenty of snow and cold. Seymour house has received over two feet of snow. Karma, our rescue dog, loves it jumping through the snow rather than walking. Mr. Seymour the cat is older and stays in his kitty condo under his heater and on his pillows in the garage, only venturing out for his personal needs. Mom, me, is making various jams and researching new breakfast dishes to serve you. This week it’s peach pie jam.

We have been quiet in January, so far, but February is a pretty exciting month around here. Starting February 2nd thru 4th the Icebreaker weekend happens in South Haven, a fun event for those who love winter want to join in on the fun. Here are some of the events.

  1. Ice skating at our covered skating rink.
  2. A chili cook off competition
  3. Cardboard Sled Races
  4. A Pub slide
  5. Horse drawn wagon rides
  6. Ice sculpture competition

Go to the South Haven Chamber of Commerce website for details . Seymour House has decided to join in the celebration with a warm up afternoon party Saturday from 4pm-6pm.

We are offering any of our guests a $25 gift certificate for a future stay if you send us selfies of you at the Icebreaker Festival. We will use these photos on our website and facebook page to show others how much fun you had!

I’ll leave you now , please look for info on our Plans for both Valentines weekends.


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