14 Jun

Sorry I haven't updated everyone in a couple of weeks but it has been wonderfully hectic!  The baby chicks arrived yesterday and I was worried about a couple of them, it didn't look like they were going to make it but as it turns out they were simply exhausted from a couple of days traveling through the US postal service and just needed a drink, some food and a good nights sleep and they were fine this morning!  We received several varieties of laying hens, 5 Black Austalorps, 6 Buff Minorcas, 5 White Wyandottes 25 Cornish Rock for the table and one free exotic a White Crested Black Polish chick.  Not sure if hte exotic is a hen or a rooster but should be able to find out in a few weeks.  Will keep you up to date on how the chicks are doing.  All for now, talk to all of you soon.

Mike and Patty 

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