Jam Making and a New Friend

Hi! It’s the time of year to make jam’s and jelly’s!  The past two weeks I have been making Peach Pie, Cherry Amaretto, Strawberry Cointreau and Blackberry Chambord.  We just had a good weekend with Icebreaker in South Haven and are getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  Mike is picking up 18 eggs per day on average, so no chicken winter letdown this year.

Before we forget to mention, Seymour has a new lady friend! We got her from a friend and her name is Yazmin!  She is a real lover like Seymour, and is looking forward to meeting all of you soon.  Yazmin is about six months old and if you can believe it, is even friendlier than Seymour!  So let’s all welcome Yazmin.  Take care and we’ll see you soon.

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