15 Dec

New Year's Eve at the Seymour House


Hello all,

Well we have settled on everything for New Year's Eve and already have five couples coming to join us for the festivities.  We will be starting the evening with hors d'oeuvres at approximately six PM with other refreshments.  Followed by dinner at 8 PM with a dessert bar shortly after that.  At midnight we will be providing party favors and refreshments and afterwards at approximately 12:30 AM we will offer a soup and sandwich bar.  Breakfast on the morning of New Year's day will begin at 11 AM instead of our usual 9:30 AM, give you a chance to sleep it off.  The cost for the evening will be $120 per couple plus the regular room rate.  We are down to just two rooms left so please call us as soon as possible to make your reservation. 

Below is the menu for the evening:


28 Nov

New birds!

Hello all, I again apologize for the lateness of the update, crazy autumn season!  I am in the process of ordering new birds for spring!  We are ordering some new baby chicks, going to get some different breeds this year.  Black giants, Partridge rock (a really pretty bird) as well as some of our old standby's.  We are also ordering geese, at least a couple of Toulouse geese to help keep the raccoons and coyotes out of the chicken yard, lost 17 hens in one night this past year to those critters!.  May also order some more ducks and a couple of white chinese geese.  We think these new birds will be fun so come on out and see them.  I promise to put the delivery date on the web site so you can come visit and welcome the new babies!  They are just little bundles of fuzz! 

Watch here in the next day or so for more info on New Year's eve and other events for the winter.  I promise to do a better job of updating!

19 Oct

Fall and Winter 2011 specials


Hello everyone! As promised we are putting out details of what we will be doing to make this winter a special one. If you would like more info on any or all of the below items please give us a call at 866-568-0262

Regular items:

We will be catering dinner for groups from October 1, 2011 through May 31, 2012. Come and enjoy Patty’s cooking at its finest! As good as her breakfasts are, her specialty is really dinner!

Below are some monthly specials for the balance of this year and the beginning of next, keep your eye on the website for details on each of these seasonal specials! And don’t forget, Seymour House gift certificates make a wonderful gift any time of the year!!!

Upcoming events for the remainder of 2011:

We are continuing our weekday special of $109 for a non-jacuzzi room and $119 for a Jacuzzi room with a two night stay minimum stay.

November, 2011

10 Sep

This past summer!

Whoooow!  What a summer!  Thanks to everyone for making it such a success!  I would like to follow that up with an apology for not keeping the blog up to date but there was simply not time!  I haven't even been able to keep up with my day to day paperwork.  With kids going back to school and such, things we are starting to catch up here!  Well enough about that.

We hope that all of you had as successful a summer as we did and would like to fill you in on a few things that have been happening around here.  The 1954 Farmall cub blew the head gasket the other day so is "in the shop," it had been running great right up until then but...  We took the 25 chicks for the table in for butcher and they are delicious!  The 16 laying hens are 13 weeks old now and will be able to move into the general population in about 5 weeks and should start laying eggs in about 7 weeks which is good, as coyotes got into the hen house and absconded with all of the laying hens but 5, so we are reduced to having to buy eggs from the neighbor who also has pastured chickens.   The unknown exotic chicken that was delivered is a rooster and he is gorgeous!  He is a "White Crested Black Polish" rooster.  Donald and Daisy duck are doing fine and Daisy is back to laying one egg every day.  The cats are doing fine. 

We recently changed the decorations in Patty's Garden and will be remodeling the bathroom in a few weeks; it will have a two person shower and will lose the clawfoot tub.  We are excited about this change.

02 Jul

4Th of July

Hello everyone!  An update on things here at the Seymour House.  The baby chicks are doing fine and all are still with us.  Daisy Duck had been sitting on some of her eggs but she did not turn out to be a very good mother as she abandoned the eggs after two full weeks of sitting on them and they have gone cold.  Oh well, we will try again next year.  The flowers are blooming nicely and the weather forecast is predicting a much drier summer for the rest of it.  Patty is starting to succeed in teaching Mike how to make bread!  He made a wonderful artesanal white bread yesterday all on his lonesome!  The tractor is having a few difficulties but otherwise running well (if anyone knows what the torque is for the head on a 1954 Farmall cub we could sure use it!).  Reservations have been coming in like crazy and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend and will talk to you later!

14 Jun

Baby Chicks are here!

Sorry I haven't updated everyone in a couple of weeks but it has been wonderfully hectic!  The baby chicks arrived yesterday and I was worried about a couple of them, it didn't look like they were going to make it but as it turns out they were simply exhausted from a couple of days traveling through the US postal service and just needed a drink, some food and a good nights sleep and they were fine this morning!  We received several varieties of laying hens, 5 Black Austalorps, 6 Buff Minorcas, 5 White Wyandottes 25 Cornish Rock for the table and one free exotic a White Crested Black Polish chick.  Not sure if hte exotic is a hen or a rooster but should be able to find out in a few weeks.  Will keep you up to date on how the chicks are doing.  All for now, talk to all of you soon.

Mike and Patty 

19 May

New/Old Tractor

Well, we did it!  We bought a 1954 Farmall McCormick Cub tractor!  The smallest actual farm tractor ever made by International!  It has a four cylinder engine, a 50" mower deck, a front snow blade, hydraulic lift and several other features!  Mike is all excited!  You have to see this baby to believe it!

Memorial day weekend is coming up and we still have some rooms available so give us a call and make your reservation now.  We also have one room left for the Saugatuck waterfront film festival which is June 9 - 12 so don't delay and miss out on a great time!

10 May

Spring Chickens

Hello all, we hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this fine spring weather!  Mike is in the process of cleaning up the yard for the summer and getting all of the outdoor furniture and statuary back in place and Patty is busy in the kitchen making some more bread! 

We just placed an order for some baby chickens!  They are always cute little fella's when they are newly hatched!  Some of our hens are now getting past their egg producing years and need to be replaced with younger chickens.  We have ordered 5 Buff Minorca's, 5 white Wyandotte's and 5 Black Australorp's.  The Buff Minorca's are a buff golden color and lay white eggs, the White Wyandotte's are a pure white heavy hen and they lay brown eggs, the Black Australorp's are pure black and lay brown eggs as well.  The chicks are scheduled to arrive between Sunday June 12 and Wednesday June 15 so if you would like to see them in the very early stages we still have rooms available for the weekend of June 17.  The chickens should start laying eggs when they are between 18 and 26 weeks old, quite a window!

The Holland Tulip festival is underway right now and we are running a special through Saturday, May 14 of wine and chocolates in your room for a two night stay, so give us a call and enjoy the Tulip festival.  We still have some rooms for Memorial Day so don't miss out on a beautiful time of year.  That is all for now, talk to you all later.

Mike and Patty

02 May

Seymour House Blog

Hello all!  Well, spring is here!  The daffodils and forsythia are blooming, the birds are singing and things are going great!  We had a very good maple syrup season this year collecting 700 gallons of sap and yielding 19 gallons of syrup!  Next year we are thinking of offering a maple syrup class on how to tap the trees and collect the sap followed by a trip to the sugar shack where the syrup is boiled down over a wood fire.  Keep an eye this page and on our packages page for this special which will take place around the middle of next February.  All for now, talk to you soon.

Mike and Patty Kirsch

Innkeepers, Seymour House 

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